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Broken or damaged pipes, a leaky roof, or severe storms can all cause flooding in your home. Often times, the damage caused by a flood can be extensive. Many people try to clean up the mess, and fix the flood damage on their own. This can be a very difficult and time consuming job. If your flood homes, you should consider hiring a water restoration company. The specialists who work for the company have the knowledge and experience necessary to get your home cleaned up and back to normal quickly.

What Will A Water Restoration Company Do?

Is is the goal of the water company specialist to remove all of the water from the home, and anything damaged due to the water.
The restoration company’s specialist will do a full inspection of your home so that they can access the damage caused by the flood.
If water has seeped into the walls, the specialist will use a moisture sensor to assess the damage.
The specialist will determine the best way to remove any free standing water.
Anything damaged or destroyed in the flood will be removed from the home. This includes appliances, electronics, furniture, and carpeting.

Dangerous Situations
One of the best reasons to hire a water restoration company is because some situations can be dangerous following a flood.
Electricity: When the wiring in the home has been submerged in water, there is a great danger of electrocution. The water restoration company’s specialist has the skill and knowledge to work with submerged wires safely.
Often times, the flood water can be contaminated with chemicals, raw sewage, or other hazardous materials.

Necessary Tools
A water restoration company has access to many tools and items needed to clean up a flood in your home. These are tools and materials which you may not have access to.
Industrial fans and dehumififiers to remove the moisture in the home. This will keep mold from growing in the area.
Wet-Vacs: Water restoration companies use industrial sized wet-vacs to fully remove the water from the home. It is necessary for all of the water and moisture to be gone before the repairs can be done.
Cleaning and sanitizing products: If the flood water is contaminated, the water restoration company’s specialist will need to fully clean and sanitize the home, making it safe for you and your family to return.

Affected Components in the Home
Following a flood, water can damage many components in the home. It takes an experienced specialist to repair the damage.

  • Repair of the walls, roof, flooring, and any other structural damage in the home.
  • HVAC system
  • Sewage and well systems
  • The home’s foundation
  • Insulation

If you have added flood insurance to your homeowner’s insurance policy, you will be reimbursed for the amount of money that you paid the water restoration company. In some cases, the insurance company would pay the restoration company directly. It all depends on the restoration company and your homeowner’s insurance company’s policies.

A flood can be very devastating and can cause a great deal of chaos in your life. The best way to get your home cleaned up and back to normal following a flood, is to hire a water restoration company.