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Detecting toxic mold in your home

Black mold can grow anywhere in the house where it find the right conditions to grow. Though most of the black mold grows on the exterior surfaces of the house, it is not uncommon to find it on the interior surfaces as well. Basically, black mold, like every other variety of mold will grow on any surface where it can find ample moisture, darkness and a low temperature. There is absolutely no dearth of such spaces in your house. Below, we will be discussing about some of the most common places where black mold can occur in your house.

• The kitchen- this is the most common spot for any kind of molds to grow. This is mainly because the kitchen has many moist spots and some dark areas where the mold can grow easily without even getting noticed in any way. Find black mold near the cabinets or near the kitchen sink in order to find out the real places where they get to grow. Use my mold detective to look near the dishwasher as well. These could be some of the places where molds simply love to grow.
• The bathroom- as the bathroom always stays wet, the mold always finds a great place to live here. Whether it is the broken tile, the toilet, the underside of the bathtub or the shower, the mold will grow anywhere it find a regular water supply. Hence, you should be careful about mold in the bathroom as well. Look at every possible nook and corner of the bathroom as you will easily be finding places here where the mold can grow without being disturbed at all.
• Wallpapers and carpets- yes, the black mold can grow on the carpets as well as the wallpapers. They can also grow on the drywalls and you will never even come to know about it unless it has started to show. Therefore, it is always better for you to clean these spaces on a regular basis. It can grow almost anywhere in the house. Therefore, broken tiles anywhere in the home, underside of the window sill and other such places can become really hospitable for these molds.
• The basement- this is one area where molds can easily grow and develop without even letting you know about it. It is quite possible that you realize about the damage only when it has been done. Therefore, check out the basement as frequently as possible and keep dehumidifiers in this area as well.